Why I Believe We Are Set Up For Failure In Alberta

Born the early evening of December 15th, 1986 this little boy was brought into a world of total darkness. Born in the central city of Red Deer Alberta, the power went out literally right before I was born. The generators kept the power going of coarse, seeing as we were in a hospital. That night Red Deer, experienced a blackout for about an hour during and after my birth. Made it difficult for those who weren’t there to know of this beautiful 6 pound 6 ounce magnificent creature, that had just broke through into this world. I mean it was only an hour before the good old rotary phones worked again. Those things took longer to dial the number then it did to have a conversation on them. Now I can text the conversation faster then it took to dial the number. Still not sure of the significance of the power going out at that time, I speculate it was for something truly remarkable happening. Coincidence? More then likely had to do with the blizzard taking place.

This post is only from my point of view, just my opinion on how I perceive the world around me. Some points of reference throughout from what I feel to be viable sources. Just what I believe to be factual information.

Now going back a bit before I was born, must of been a huge investment for my parents. I don’t have kids of my own so I can only imagine finding out your “Expecting” well still in high school. Approaching a decade now since I  finished high school, I still don’t know what I would do if I got “The Big news” Today! I hate to say it, but two things cross my mind if I were to see that + sign on the pee stick. My first thought would be, and I think Seth Rogan’s character in the movie “Knocked Up” said it the best, “I totally, like had this flash of me, like in a white Ford Bronco, and I’m just hauling ass for Canada, man. The choppers taping the whole thing, and I just I bust through the border and I’m A free man!” My second thought is a touchy one and that’s “Abortion?” now I’m not stating I would or wouldn’t bring it up. I think its wrong, if your not responsible enough to raise a kid, then having a kid should hopefully make you more responsible, hopefully. So I think we can all agree to some extent having a “Little You” can add stress to one’s life. Stress is not good for people it can cause many other health issues. Probably not good for the unborn, either. No ones fault,  just happens that way in this high pace society we are in.

I was born very bull legged, to the point where the Drs wanted to break them so the bones could form properly. Mom said, “Your not breaking my babies legs.” They warned her I would probably never be able to walk if this surgery wasn’t done. It was like trying to steal a lions new born cub from her mother, just a bad idea. I proved their theory wrong, took a little longer, but I manage to walk just fine. I enjoy proving people like Drs wrong, not sure why, I just feel a small bit of satisfaction. I was a “Formula Baby,” so unlike you breastfed kids, I didn’t receive all the proper nutrients as a baby should have, within a mothers breast milk. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with me today, just because I got the knock off stuff called “Enfalac.” You’ll see if you click here  enfalac, like most baby formulas, have rice starch in it. Rice, or any other starches are very hard on a babies digestive system. By age 3 months, is when they started jabbing needles into me. I believe these “Immunizations” can be harmful and or contain hazardous substances that could cause illness later on in a child’s life. Strong evidence suggests a link to children with autism, and some poisons used within the shots. Having mercury in things that go and live inside of me, probably not good for me, but what do I know I’m no doctor.

By my first birthday, I begun to sprout teeth. You know what that means? Time to go to my my favorite place, the scariest doctor the dentist. You get all strapped in this big white chair, well Mr. Dentist has these funny looking clothes on, and some weird thing covering his mouth. Flashes this big light in my eyes, then proceeds to stick his fingers in my mouth. Followed by fluoride and here take some toothpaste with you guessed it….more fluoride! The main reason why I’m against fluoride is because I was once told if a small amount of something can kill you, you probably shouldn’t use it at all. It only takes approximately 143 milligrams (mg) or 0.0051 ounces to kill a small child. These yearly visits will continue the rest of my life. I don’t mind going to the dentist though, I’ve never really had a problem with going to the dentist. Although the few days after getting my wisdom teeth all pulled out was brutally painful.

By age 3, I start to get these funny noises coming out of peoples mouths. Age 3 for me was a bad year, I had 3 trips to the hospital. First incident had been caused by my curiosity of trying to fly from off of the T.V. stand, that landed me a broken wrist. Something I was probably replicating from the idiot box. Those things can make a great babysitter though. The 2nd trip was caused by my determination of sticking this piece of a straw so far up my nose, doctor didn’t even see it the first two attempts, managed to get it on the third try. I mean the goal was to touch my brain but I think I came up just short. Third and final time left me with a decent burn scar on my right forearm. I was at the babysitters house, she had put this pot of coffee right on the very edge of the counter. Who knew a kid would be reaching up for things at that age they can’t see? I actually remember going to the hospital that time, some lady in the stretcher beside me was conscious and had a machine helping her breathe. That was the first time I remember thinking I could be a lot worse of right now.  I’m sure each visit consisted of some great pain killers for such a young boy. I think just about every time I went to the Doc I was getting prescribed some kinda drug.  They certainly for the most part suppressed my symptoms. That year also brought a little jealousy with the arrival of my first sibling.

Prescription drugs taken as prescribed in hospitals are the fourth leading cause of death in the US and Canada, after cancer, heart disease and strokes. They cause about 10,000 deaths a year in Canada and about 106,000 deaths a year and over two million serious injuries in the US. As many as another 10,000 deaths a year in Canada are thought to occur outside hospitals due to the wrong drug, dosage errors and adverse reactions. One out of four admissions to internal medicine in Canadian hospitals is related to prescription drugs, of which 70% are preventable. Canadians now spend more on prescription drugs ($24 billion) than we do on doctors ($18 billion).


All drugs cause adverse effects. The only difference between a drug and a poison is dosage. Many drugs are marketed at dosages that are risky for many patients, referred to as a narrow therapeutic index. Sixteen major drugs have been pulled off the North American market since 1997 for injuring or killing patients including the drug that killed Vanessa Young – Prepulsid. Vioxx alone may have killed 55,000-65,000 patients before being withdrawn by the manufacturer, Merck, in 2004.

Over-the-counter drugs also cause many deaths. Every year, more than 15,000 patients die in North America from ordinary aspirin and Ibuprofen. Tylenol is the cause of thousands of hospital admissions and hundreds of deaths annually in North America. I believe in most cases there our better alternatives then going for the short term drug solutions. Not in all cases of coarse but the majority.

At the tender age of 5, I start going to kindergarten. Apparently, I didn’t realize my mommy was going to leave me there with a bunch of strangers. Took a bit of adjustment, but hey nap time, story time, and playtime not a bad place at all. The following year I would start grade school! It didn’t take me long to learn that sitting in a desk the majority of the day sucked, and no nap time? Throughout elementary school, I didn’t like to learn in the way of sitting in a desk listening to a teacher tell me things and what to do all day. I still remember my grade 4 teacher asking why she never once seen me smile that year. It wasn’t her fault, I just disliked school that much. I disliked it so much that I got to do grade 5 over again. I still have my grade 5 report card for that year, on the back it said, “Congratulations you are going to grade 5!” What a way to destroy such a young boys self esteem. Thank god we were moving that year saved me the embarrassment of going back into that class. That year we lost my grandma to cancer, more then likely from smoking cigarettes. She was only in her early 40’s.

Going back to grade 5 in a small town of about 1,000 people was a delightful experience. I got picked on and had very little friends that year, needless to say I had lots of time to do my school work and aced it that time around. The only thing that got me into the “Popular” side of things was because I played hockey, many other sports especially skateboarding. Once I got accepted by the “Cool Kids” my old friends had to go. I felt bad, but that’s what is necessary in the game of school. Making and keeping friends in school involved a lot of backstabbing, following others, always trying to impress others, finding acceptance brought trying a lot of new things into perspective.

Funny School

Entering junior high school was that like first taste of accomplishing something great in life. The worst part was they have no recess, so that was a hard to get over at first. Around my 13th birthday, I tried a beer for the first time. I remember thinking that taste was so brutal, I couldn’t even make it half way through before I threw it under the neighbors truck. I wouldn’t take up alcohol again until I was 15. That age I would experience my first party and learned to like the taste of beer and other types of alcoholic beverages. To what I would consider now abusing alcohol, was considered normal and was just what kids did on weekends, even a few school nights. I would partially blame this on my parents divorce. We have managed to turn a beautiful concept like marriage, into an ugly fight over money and children for over half the people taking the next step.  The trend would continue throughout the rest of school, all the way into my early 20’s. People call marijuana a gateway drug, so far from what I’ve seen and experienced I would call alcohol the gateway drug.

Alcohol is the number 1 largest risk factor for disease burden in North America, rates number 3 worldwide. Alcohol kills 2.5 MILLION people early.  Alberta alone has 1,995 liquor stores, 8,919 liquor licenses in effect,  19,176 products available, 76% of Albertans consume alcohol. Last year the government made 729 million dollars in the sales of alcohol. Its advertised everywhere, seems like its on every few commercials. Almost impossible to avoid, it kills brain cells, as well as killing a lot of other internal organs. Its a poison that can kill you in a night if to much is consumed, but for the most part its a slower more painful process. Thankfully I’ve never “Blacked Out” from alcohol or been hospitalized for it,  like I have seen to many times.

Addiction is a serious disease that is responsible for thousands of deaths in Canada a year. In Alberta there are currently two drug epidemics happening; In northern Alberta, the drug of choice is methamphetamine. In southern Alberta, cocaine/crack is the drug taking over, here in central Alberta we get the better of both worlds. Red Deer was rated number 4 for highest crime rate per capita in all of Canada. This study was done in 2011, Red Deer at the time was just over 93 thousand residents. Instead of putting people in jail for drug related crimes, they should receive proper rehab sentences and help they need. We need reduced laws on drugs people end up in jail’s for. We need to reduce our prison population because it costs taxpayers $100,000 per year per inmate.

16 was a fun, adventurous, knew everything, tried a lot of new things more self efficient and weird kinda age . Tried smoking cigarettes, we all know how harmful those are. Kills six million a year worldwide. Has over 4,000 chemicals within those cancer sticks. Not only is first hand smoke harmful but second and third hand is as well. Third hand is the smoke chemicals can get on clothing and Transfer over to others. Not only can you smoke it, but you can suck on it in your mouth as “Chewing Tobacco” you can snort it, they call it  “sniff snuff” …all horribly bad for you, incredibly addictive. Also that year, I tried smoking marijuana, weed, pot, Maryjane, ganja, reefer, cannabis, Acapulco gold, maui wowie if you will. My friend’s influential brother shared a doobie with us and it didn’t work, didn’t feel a thing. From there till the end of school, I only did it a handful of times. Did it on a more consistent basis closer to the age of 19.


Weed is the and most widely available and most used illegal drug we have out there. The only two negative things I have to say about it is, if your a teenager going through puberty it can cause a chemical imbalance in the brain. Its a lot harder to reverse this from that age, but there is very little studies done on this, and no viable proof showing any negative long term side effects.  Some people can make themselves become dependent on it. If one has an addictive personality, you can make anything a habit, I’ve been addicted to working out and drinking water. On the plus side, srong evidence suggests, ingesting its oils  has cured cancer all over the world. I personally know someone who claims he ate cannabis when no other cancer treatments was working for him. To this day he still hasn’t had any signs of the cancer coming back and still eats cannabis. The chemical CBD found in weed is the same chemical found in human brains biggest Nero transmitters. Its what helps fight disease, very beneficial just like its cousin hemp. For some reason its still very illegal in Canada and especially in Alberta. Personally, I’d rather see it legal and people using pot rather then the consumption of alcohol. I believe it would build a better society, people would treat others a lot better, and the taxes it would generate could go back into the province. For example, Colorado made 1 million dollars the first hour it became legal. Denver alone made 578 million dollars the first year. I’d be surprised if marijuana was still illegal here by next election. If the laws don’t change within the next few years, I will then have lost all faith in every aspect in government.

The day after I graduated high school, I would start work full time in the oilfield. Didn’t take me long to learn school didn’t provide me with proper life skills to battle everyday, real life grown up situations. The most concerning would be finances, never learned things like how to budget properly in school. I got taught in the exact same way everyone has since the start of those institutions. It didn’t work for me, not everyone learns the same way. Wasn’t very effective and isn’t for a lot of people. Although I haven’t lost total hope in our education system yet. I got some friends that are and are going to be teachers in grade school. Soon I will be sitting in on some of their classes, to see the different teaching methods being utilized today in classrooms. My one friend teaches a grade 5 class and her kids she teaches are so advanced its incredible. I’ve seen their website they work on, its pretty amazing that kids that young are getting the opportunity to learn that type of technology. Teachers like her give me faith and huge confidence in the necessary chances being made today to shape a better education system for the future.

First year in the “Real World” I tried 3 different jobs within the oilfield, finally on the 4th attempt I stuck with one. I started working a part time job at the age of 14. From then till I got a full time job, I had an entirely different opinion of taxes and government. Making more money meant I lost more money. On average I would lose approx 33% of my income to taxes for the next 3 years. Not only is a big percentage of the money well earned going to government, cash is also lost in GST on goods and services. So in reality, you might as well account for almost half of all your earnings to go to a government, that isn’t obviously working.

By age 21, I would learn something very interesting, I got a new job in which would see my income almost triple and get into the 6 figure’s a year. With that I would see my taxes drop to around 16% of my income, now that I owned my own company. I just employed myself and with that my taxes dropped in half. I now see and feel that isn’t fair to anyone else who pay way more in lower tax brackets. I’m not sure how to fix a government that isn’t and doesn’t work, not only provincially but federally as well. All I know is something has to change, fast, a new way of governing the people. This way doesn’t work and never has, and obviously will never. That is why I don’t vote, I don’t think a change in a representative is the answer. I will vote to change everything within what that representative is behind as a whole. Not just on irrelevant smaller issues these political parties are mainly focusing in on.

The oilfield makes it to easy to make a substantial amount of money, that for some reason mostly ends up back into the economy . When most aren’t taught how to budget properly, its easy to spend more then a substantial amount. For example, a person with zero experience in the oilfield, can go work on the rigs and start at a 6 figure a year salary. Most people though end up in some sort of debt in one form or another. Our own provincial government is even in debt, right now its in the billions. Doesn’t help all of Canada is too. Not only Canada, but only 5 out of 188 countries aren’t in debt. With the rise of currencies like Bitcoin, I see a future where currency becomes obsolete or a change in currency all together. We’ve got to the point where we need to find a new more efficient form of currency, or just get rid of it all together. For now there is to much greed driving the evil forces that kill the planet that we know as the great and all mighty oilfield.

oilfield alberta

I’ve seen first hand, working in the oil-sands how fast they can demolish our beautiful boreal forests. In literally days, acres upon acres are being demolished to make way to drill wells, make roads to check these wells, for pipelines, metering stations and lots of types of facilities. I’ve seen many animals being driven out of their homes, such as; lynx, black bears, deer, muskrats, wolves many types of birds such as a family of great grey owls. Haven’t seen any of these companies planting trees to replace there destruction. Although they claim they are, I’ve even seen areas 20 plus years old that haven’t grown any trees back. Not to mention the amount of pollution being made by these companies every year. These big facilities emit alarming amounts of harmful radiation. I missed a year of hockey do to asthma when I was young. Thankfully I was only on a puffer for a few years, which was caused by the airborne chemicals produced by the oilfield. Many animals and people become ill due to pollutants found in the air and water supplies being effected. When a well is being drilled or fracked (Fracking is where they blow up the well formation with high pressured water and dangerous chemicals, blowing up the earth from the inside.) they use 3-5 million gallons of fresh water per well, non of this fresh water is recovered. A lot of these companies are American, Asian and middle eastern, Canadian companies don’t care about harm caused to the earth or to people, so why would these foreign companies? Its time to rise up and focus more on alternative energy such as wind, solar and even nuclear is less harmful with less waste created. Poking holes and blowing up the earth as well as basically killing ourselves is what I call, “Insanity.” These rich, useless, money hungry fuck heads running this mess has to be stopped, their is a lot more of us then there are of them. We as a society have the power to stop this, we only get one earth and I want to see it survive, otherwise the earth will cleanse itself of this disease, this growth we have created called the oilfield has to be stopped.

In short, we are in and entering a higher level of consciousness. Doing things in the way we always have in the past aren’t working anymore and hasn’t for along time. We are in the information age, almost making it impossible to hide the truth of what is actually going on around us on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes we have to put down this technology, turn of our TV’s, park our cars and enjoy this beautiful earth we have. Mother earth is sick and we caused this but we have the power to heal this as well. We as a society have the power to make the necessary changes to help fix these problems. We can all make a difference no matter how big or small, don’t ever underestimate yourself. It starts of being aware and not accepting whats not right anymore. Only do and except things that are helpful for people, living species and the world as a whole. Call me hopeful, but I see a great future ahead where the big changes are made and we as a society are living in a harmless utopia. I don’t see me leaving this earth as the same dark place from when I first entered it. Everyone is capable of shaping their own positive destiny, always keep an open mind, imagination and dream often.

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  • July 31, 2016 at 3:55 pm

    I would say the biggest failure in Alberta are men who engage in sexual relationships with women, and then use their trust to take money out of their purses and bank accounts . 


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