Banning Drug Tests at Work Can Increase Productivity

Drug Tests at Work

Have you ever had to stop drinking or smoking cannabis because you had to take a drug test for work?

The majority of adults enjoy drinking alcohol and or smoking cannabis. Not only do they like to loosen up on those types of drugs, but some adults have to be on certain pharmaceuticals to function, like move their body parts from injuries such as car accidents.

It may be necessary for people to be on certain medications for pain, but what happens when their pain subsides and now they’re addicted to a powerful opiate?

That is an addiction most likely causing neglect in many areas of that person’s life of importance like a healthy lifestyle, being present in their family, school, and work.

I’m not so much focusing on the negative aspects of addiction where people’s lives fall apart. I’m talking about the total opposite, like the potential benefits people could have from being on drugs at work.

If someone is working for a magazine like The Rolling Stones, perhaps smoking a little bit of weed or taking some edibles to gain creativity, it can help them think of ideas outside of the box, it can help keep the ADHD mind focus as well as many other benefits depending on the person.

Marijuana may help a signer come up with better music, and if it does help them create the next platinum album, then why not?  If that person knows some pot will help their writing abilities and or singing abilities, why not? If weed can be accepted at work, then I am sure alcohol can too.

Multi-Panel Drug Test

Alcohol may help some people open up and become more social.

A little wine at work may help relieve the stress associated with the job.

Suppose you have to socialize with many people at a company like Google or Facebook, and you already suffer from general anxiety and social anxiety.

In that case, a few beers may help you open up to increase productivity.

Alcohol may help you create the next great piece of software. If weed and alcohol can be accepted on the job, then the safest class of drugs we know of—psychedelics—at low doses can help on the job tremendously.

Micro dosing psychedelics like LSD or psilocybin (the active ingredient in magic mushrooms) as an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety can significantly enhance a person’s productivity taking them away from the depressed, anxious mind.

Not only can they rid you of depression and anxiety, but they can significantly increase creativity and helps the person think of ideas they never explored before.

According to a CNN Money interview, at least 80% of tech CEOs regularly use some psychedelic. I

n addition, many people are working in technology use micro-dosing and regular psychedelic trips to enhance their work creativity. Think about how psychedelic our technology is today, and it would be hard to believe psychedelics didn’t influence this tech.

Suppose people take a test for substances they’re not allowed to do at work, yet those same substances can increase productivity and make the company more profitable.

In that case, that same company buying and handing out drug tests should purchase and hand out the drugs that work. But, instead, businesses have been letting their employees use drugs at work for decades now, like nicotine and caffeine.

Many companies gave coffee at work as they saw increased productivity by giving their employees regular coffee breaks where employees enjoy both nicotine and caffeine. Both are a stimulant, and both increase work productivity.

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