The Rise of Western Cultured Communism

Yesterday's Dictators Today

Yesterday and Today’s dictators have an empathetic way of influencing the masses through things like facial recognition technology law enforcement that The Chinese Communist Party enforce.

Communism values moved their way into the western world as we see more censorship in America.

Their narcissism is heavily attracted to power and greed, as their psychopathic souls lead them to genocide. History teaches us that the greatest dictatorships slowly take away—if any in the first place—civil and ethical rights. You can win a country over by providing everything they’ve never had, such as clothes, food, housing, education, and jobs.

Some dictators would agree that increasing literacy rates can significantly enhance people’s standards of living.

Likewise, giving food, water, clothing, and shelter to people increases their well-being. Providing those basic needs makes people happier, healthier, and most important, it helps make people more productive.

Those same people can then be used for cheap or even free labour, and they can physically work longer hours with better nutrition.

Mao Zedong was a famous socialist who provided his Chinese citizen’s things like farmland to creating many agricultural jobs, which offered small wages and food from grains, corn, and farms to raise and eat animals. Years later, he would slowly take away the rights of the Chinese. Mao’s influence and sociopathic empathy lead to the biggest mass murder in known history.

The Great Leap Forward of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was a social and economic campaign led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from 1958 to 1962. Primary alterations in citizen’s lives of rural Chinese people involved the incremental outline of mandatory agricultural collectivization.

In just 5 short years, approximately 48 million people perished. From March 20, 1943, Mao would be dictator until September 9, 1976, and holds the record for the greatest mass murder in history. As Mao was slaughtering his own people, Joseph Stalin made sure his citizens would starve to death.


By the end of his life, Stalin was such a feared dictator that it took almost two full days before someone checked on him as he laid clasped on the ground from a stroke. Stalin was in power during World War II (1939-1945).

During that time, the suffrage of his own people led to the genocide of somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20 million people, but some historians say it could be as high as 40 million victims. In addition, the people of the former USSR (now Russia) were driven to such starvation that parents were forced to butcher their own children and sell their body parts for meat.

At the same time Stalin was committing genocide, his later rival Adolf Hitler was up to his own genocidal tactics. Of course, many know about the 6 million Jewish people, other minorities, and gay people rounded up like cattle and put into gas chambers.

However, the 2.5 million Polish people were also tortured, gassed, and exterminated, which isn’t often brought up. Hitler is the definition of a sociopath as he did have some empathy for animals. He was a passionate vegetarian and seemed to have some empathy for children. Hitlers’ addiction to power, amphetamines, heroin, and other drugs lead him from crazy to a genocidal tyrant.

Today’s dictators are as psychopathic as their ancestors before them. For example, today’s leader of The Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, has absolute power over the Chinese citizens and people in countries outside of China like Taiwan and Tibet.

China uses facial recognition for everything from gaining access to the internet through their citizens’ smartphones and other devices to a ‘Big Brother’ style of surveillance and using facial recognition through their street cameras and drones.

If people don’t conform under The Communist Party of China, they will lower their social scores. The lower the social score, the fewer privileges citizens receive. As a result, some minorities in China will end up in concentration camps like the million-plus Chinese-Muslims (2021).

I’m not saying that the repression of Uighurs and other Muslim indigenous minorities in the northwestern region of Xinjiang is creating genocide. But, perhaps, if you ask them, they may tell you differently.


In the camps, they are forced to concentrate on conforming to not practicing their religion, and what The Chinese Communist Party deem as ‘weak women’ will be sterilized, and many will be forced into abortion.

These minorities being used for cheap labour can also be found on North Korean and Russian lands. As a result, Xi Jinping’s neighbour Vladimir Putin is not only one of the wealthiest dictators in the world—he may be the richest person in the world.

Putin has more of a mafia-style of dictatorship. He’ll make sure if he has any competition, they will disappear. Putin and his gangsters have complete control over most Russian and other companies that operate in Russia. So Putin and his cronies can do these shady backdoor deals to steal profits from many businesses.

He has the power to make anyone in his country disappear, so be careful about criticisms towards his mafia. Putin’s idol before him, Vladimir Lenin, invented taking minorities like South Koreans and forcing them into brutally cold labour camps.

These very recent dictators all have similar traits and manipulative powers that had the advantage of giving a lot back to their countries and their citizens when they were at their most vulnerable.

Still, it always ends at the cost of free and or very cheap labour and, of course, mass genocides. Free education, free healthcare, free housing, free food, free water, etc., are beautiful things and could one day become more ethically and morally available.

History teaches us things like communism and socialism haven’t worked out that well. If you still have the right to do so, constantly criticize the government in any way they mess up because if you don’t, you may not have the right to do so one day.




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