LSD Files: An Explorer’s Guide

It’s essential to know what drug it is you are taking.

Has it been tested?

Have you done your research on what and how much to do?

Do you have a comfortable set and setting?

What is your living situation like?

Do you have a sitter? 

Do you have a proper goal in mind for what your intentions are for your journey?

They say you shouldn’t do a psychedelic if you have schizophrenia, bipolar, or have had a psychotic episode because those types of people with those particular mental illnesses don’t  get researched. The reason for it is researchers don’t want those types of people involved because if they do have a bad trip during or even 6 months later have an episode, the researchers don’t want that person blaming their bad experiences on the psychedelics. 

A group of people diagnosed with bipolar who take psychedelics were asked by James Fadiman, “what type of helpful information you can give others with bipolar who want to try psychics?”  The common answer was don’t take anything if you’re in the manic phase, but have found it beneficial if they are experiencing the depression phase. 

Since the world governments band psychedelics in 1968 into the early ’70s, over 30 million people have taken high or heroic doses of LSD, with not one person dying from overdose yet.

There are no harmful physiological properties associated with taking psychedelics. If a person doesn’t know what they’re doing, they probably shouldn’t take the drug. At moderate doses, most people will be just fine. 

Set, setting, and situation:

  • Psychedelics are very sensitive to your set or mental attitude and setting is the literal physical situation you’re in. That also includes everyone else who is and will be around during your exploration. 
  • Set involves your intention for the trip. What do you intend to get out of this trip from the universe and or God?
  • You’ll most likely go in with better intentions if you set proper goals and less likely to have a bad trip. 
  • For large or high or heroic doses, use a guide. 
  • A guide is someone who doesn’t use the psychedelic but watches over the ones who do use it, a babysitter if you will. 
  • Make sure your guide is well knowledgeable in whatever you’re taking. 
  • Even if you’re in an ideal set and setting, what is your living situation like at the time?
  • If things aren’t going well in life, like a job loss or a recent death of a loved one, a recent divorce, etc., you are far more likely to have a bad trip. 
  • A sitter is like a coach who assists you if you need their help. 
  • The best bet you’re going to get as a sitter is someone who is well put together. Meaning they are not mentally disturbed, and they’re healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. They should have had plenty of their own trips before. 
  • If you are using psychedelics for therapeutic benefits, being indoors with the least distraction is best.
  • If you want to be more intuned with nature or looking to find spirituality, then out in trees and nature is best. 



25 mcg: mild psychedelic effects 

50-100 mcg: concert does, or museum dose, the huge light shows at concerts come in handy. 

100 mcg: scientific research dose. Huge breakthroughs happen at this dose. 

100 – 200 mcg: therapeutic dose. Work well with a therapist. Still in communication. It might have huge thought loops where you may come back later answering a previous question.  

200 – 400 mcg: transcendent, mystical, unity experiences. That’s when you lose your primary, physiological and psychological identities. In the psychedelic experience, your body doesn’t end at your fingertips. This does you may go back to past lives. Alcoholics report being put off to alcohol afterwards. Literally overnight recovered alcoholics. One alcoholic 40 years after a journalist asked him about his mystical dose, that it must have been a lot of willpower not to drink the last 40 years? Which he replied, “no, since the trip, I have no interest in drinking anymore.”


  • 3-5 grams is the best amount. Too many people will stop bringing back useful information anything over 5 grams. 
  • 5 grams is what Terrance Mckenna called a heroic dose.
  • Each type of mushroom has different amounts of psilocybin in them. Even each individual mushroom will have more or less psilocybin than its immediate counterparts. 
  •  High doses have additional effects.
  • Lower doses do not. 

A dose should be based upon need, not weight or want. Want meaning don’t just use recreationally. 

Even ayahuasca, the shaman gives you some, and if they feel you need more, they will give you more and the same with ibogaine. 

Alcoholics can take about double the average person can at about 800 mcg of LSD. Alcoholics learn and cooperate with big doses of substances that alter consciousness. Essentially their ability to “hold on” is bigger than the rest of us. 

The right amount is based on the individual for their needs that day, given their current situation and circumstances. 

LSD is a bit colder, doesn’t let you down as easily, a little tougher on people. 

Psilocybin has a mother plant spirit behind it, so it’s a bit gentler. People have a bit better experiences and less likely to have a bad trip. Psicobin by itself is a bit different from a mushroom as a whole as a mushroom has more alkaloids with it other than just the psilocybin.  

Under the influence of either LSD or psilocybin, people have similar to same experiences. LSD lasts about twice as long at about 8 – 12 hrs. They both mimic serotonin, they all have very similar chemical compositions. 

This is a report after a lady tried microdosing, ” I better work than I usually do, I had more ideas where I usually have none, I did one more set for each workout at the gym, and I was a happier person around my family and forgot I even microdose.” 

Under microdosing many reports they like the second day after taking the microdose better than the day of taking the psychedelic.

Psychedelics approve the overall functions of all organs. It’s too hard to categorize as there are too many benefits reported.

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