The 5 Waves Of Consciousness: Beta ~ Alpha ~Delta ~ Theta ~ Gamma

We slip in and out of many different consciousnesses throughout a regular day. These frequencies can be measured through a technology called eletrophalograpghy (EEG). Patients put on a “thinking cap,” which measures spontaneous brain activity through electrodes placed on various head places. Doctors can use this to diagnose people with ailments such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, coma, brain death, tumours and strokes.

At least five different states of mind we go through now can be measured — Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and the more recently discovered Gamma state. Depending on what one is doing, it will determine the condition of which their conscious is experiencing, whether in an awake, relaxed, meditative, sleeping or a higher awake state.

BETA (12 hertz – 40 Hz) the Awake State and Reasoning Wave

Beta waves deal with the awake, alert consciousness with heightened analytical and critical reason.

These waves are for effective functioning throug the day; they also can convert into anxiety, restlessness and stress. Stress is today’s most common health issue; most adults consistently run at a beta state. The higher the frequency, the higher the stress levels.

Alpha (8 Hz – 12 Hz) the Deep Relaxing Wave

Alpha waves take over in a deeply relaxing state, generally when the eyes are shut, falling into a light meditation or in a relaxing daydream. This wave heightens your imagination, concentration, visualization, memory and learning. Also, it is an excellent time to re-program the brain for success.

It’s the open gate to explore into the subconscious mind, which is the foundation of your conscious awareness. Alpha is the base of intuition, and it becomes more heightened the closer you get to 8 Hz

Theta (4 Hz – 8 Hz) the Meditation and Light Sleep Wave.

When you border Alpha-Theta state, this is the optimal range for visualization, programming the brain, and the mind’s creative potential starts here. The body is in deep relaxation, although one is aware of their surroundings. This wave state is where you can consciously create your reality.

Theta waves come into power during deep meditation and light sleep, including the dream rapid eye movement (REM) state.

In Theta, a deep connection and oneness with the universe can be spiritually observed and felt. One can experience optimal insight, heightened inspiration, tremendous creativity and vivid visuals. Not like any other wave states, Theta’s voice is a silent one.

Delta (0 Hz – 4 Hz) the Deep Dreamless Sleep Wave

This frequency is the slowest of all of them and is experienced in profound, dreamless sleep and in a deep, transcendental meditation where awareness becomes fully detached.

Delta is the dimension of your unconscious awareness, it’s the gateway to the universal mind and the unified unconsciousness, where information received is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level.

Deep sleep is the most important for the healing process – as it’s linked to regeneration. Not allowing yourself to have enough deep sleep is detrimental to your health in more ways than one.

Gamma (40 Hz – or Higher) the Insight Wave

This is the most recently discovered range and is the fastest frequency above 40Hz. Very little is known about this state of consciousness. New research shows Gamma waves are associated with high-level information processing and unexplainable bursts of insight.

 “I am not here to build a business; I am not here to create a corporation; I am not here to build Schools; I am not here to build churches—I am no Mother Theresa.

What I will do is—lead a legacy.”

– Dean Mathers



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