The Eleusis Mysteries: Solved – Part I

Christianity truly began when ancient philosophers would describe the “most famous of the secret religious rites of ancient Greece.” The spiritual capital of the world’s spiritual capital brightest would go from Athens, interact with this Goddess, and completely eradicates their fear of death. This coincides with the studies happening right now at places like John Hopkins, where terminal cancer patients lose their fear of death after a psilocybin treatment.

Greek Philosophers all talk about this one life event where they all become initiates, and only they hold the key now to live the proper way of life after death. Because at the time, the Greeks didn’t look forward to the afterlife. These potions were a gateway to an alternate reality.  People walked away after taking a tincture at Eleusis, claiming salvation after preparing for years for it. In 1978, Albert Hofmann, Carl Ruck, Gordon Wassman wrote the book Road to Eleusis that this potion was spiked with Ergot, the recurring fungus from which you can synthesize LSD. That is how Albert Hoffman first synthesized LSD in 1938.

Beer brewers cannot avoid Ergot as it grows on rye, barley and wheat, which a highly toxic. Hoffman experimented with ergoline, an ergot, and he claimed in 1976 that it was 5 to 10 times more potent than psilocybin. 

1500 – 1700 BC (or much early) – written in Sanskrit from the Rigvata first western literature, which is the oldest recorded literature. The mother tongue of all European languages. Soma is described here as a potion mixed with barley, milk, honey, other things, and different tinctures and different times. There was secrecy often around these psychedelic potions back in ancient Greece. There is an account from Athens that Eleusis was being used for recreational purposes, which were condemned by all concern that it should only be used for its spiritual and sacramental uses as it was intended for.

In the year 364 A.D., people gathered to do psychedelics in churches and other places at night as part of rituals that they were intended for. Valentinian was one of the first to end expanding an individual’s consciousness and spiritual growth through entheogens. Practistoctis is recorded as saying, “Valentinian, please don’t shut this down, I am an initiate I have been to Eleusis, I have drunk the potion, I have seen the Goddess please do not eliminate this. Eleusis is the only thing that holds the human race together. If you get rid of Eleusis, human existence will become unlivable. It was the glue that held civilization together. It was democracy for the people, open-source for the arts, the sciences.”

Paul is responsible for the earliest writings of the new testament. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians happened in 53 A.D, the first contributions to the holy bible. Paul describes what is going on around him at the time. An hour west of Eleusis is the earliest church, and Paul was addressing this church when it is translated from ancient Greek. He is essentially was yelling at them for consuming the wrong potions for accessing the Goddess or spiritual world. Paul calls it a “Cup of demons!” “That is why you are all sick, and a number of you have fallen asleep and most die!” It’s a wine that was in a Greek world where, at the time, they had no distilled liquor, no hard alcohol. Liquor doesn’t enter Greek society until much later in about the 9th or 10th century A.D.

There were no words for alcohol back then either, and the word alcohol is Arabic. The wine Paul refers to is a potion mixed with many things like spices, toxins, fungi, perfumes, plants, herbs and others. Whatever this potion Paul was telling the Corinthians was a potion that was killing them. It was propaganda to get people from using psychedelics to talk to the Goddess. They wanted to keep it secret and hidden for the elite.

The earliest incense newest research happened in May of 2020, from Israel, the first archaeological, chemical studies on incense research. The incense comes from a place called Tellalug in Israel, South of Jerusalem and West of the Dead Sea. The organic remains were some sort of incense burned on these two alters described by the researchers as “is a scaled-down version of the Solemn Temple.” It is dated to the 8th century B.C. in the Judah Height period, which is the beginning of the Judah-Christian period. The sample was initially excavated in the 1960s and deposited in the museum. With new technology, they can take samples no matter when it was excavated and found it had THC, CBD, CBN, and frankincense. It is the first psychoactive drug use in the Holy Land. 

The priest would use A Censer, which the priest would put the lit incense in and walk up and down the isles with getting everyone high first before taking the spiked wine or the psychedelic brew. This is where the importance of setting when it comes to psychedelic use comes into play. They understood that very well back then to help induce the psychedelic spiritual experiences.


John Hopkins and UCLA looked at psilocybin research for depression, anxiety, PTSD, and end-of-life therapy. It has a 65 -80% success rate. Within the next five years, the FDA will turn it into a treatment for these mental health issues.

Society is upside down and ass backwards. They don’t know which way is down. They refuse to look up, irresponsible leaders, no initiatives, alcohol is glorified, and opioids prescribed like Adolph Hitler prescribing amphetamines to his entire nation and later, of course, the Nazi regime which was partly is responsible for their society collapsing. These leaders in government are oligarchies who don’t understand the citizens, and people are easily manipulated and conformed disturbingly easily when told to. These so-called leaders need a trip down the psychedelic avenue and not to come back until they open their eyes.

We’re a society with amnesia about religion, science, archaeology, wars, communism, influenza, psychedelics, and in general, beliefs come with them, like ancient Greece. They went there to the Greek god of healing statue that dates to the 5th century B.C. Focians who found. Persephone, the Greek Goddess of the underworld, initiates, would see when the pilgrims would go to Eleusis to drink the magic potions they went there to meet Perstephanie found ancient from that area in that area of now Spain of Perstephanie on their coins.

End of part I.  

Beginning of part II“They used to kill people if they used this psychedelic brew from home or could not afford it or couldn’t get to Eleusis back then. They ostracized and even killed those who used the “magic potion” or the psychedelic brew at home in Athens around 450 B.C.”

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