What Technology Will Look Like in 2024

Dell conducted a study called the Digital Transformation Index study, where they looked at 4,000 significant senior decision-makings worldwide. They found that 45% say they are worried about their considerable tech positions becoming obsolete in just the next 3-5 years, where about another 50% don’t know what their business will look like in nearly three years, and 73% consider they need to be more ‘digital’ sooner than later.

Dell hired 20 experts to study how multiple technological and social drivers will influence the next ten years and how advancing tech will reshape our society and how business is conducted by 2030. This study determines that, by 2030, advancing technologies will reinforce the development of new human-machine relationships that make the most of their corresponding harmonizing potentials. These emerging technologies will increase everyday activities around managing supplies and instant online-learning, which will change outlooks for work and involve corporate arrangements to evolve to the growing skills of human-machine relationships.


Here are the best predictions from technologists worldwide on what tech will look like in the year 2024:

  • Culture will be implanted into social learning experiences that include race, language, poverty, and other aspects of what it means to be human.


  • Dialogic learning across digitized media most likely will experience learners answering to families, colleagues, leaders, and experts in a communally incorporated collaborative design.


  • Artificial Intelligence will start to replace teachers in eLearning.


  • Mobile education will support moving from one side of the schoolroom to the other, but from a learning workspace to the public, whether through Skype, Google+ type of technology, or physical form.


  • The simple changeover from eLearning and face-to-face learning will be much more sophisticated but will still be challenging many communities, particularly those with substantial monetary discrepancies.


  • Biometric feedback of biological comebacks embracing heart rate, eye position, sweat gland stimulus, and probably much more other data–will deliver instantaneous learning feedback not just for teachers but types of organizations for the purposefulness of market research, analytics, and consumerism.


  • A.I. starts to replace teachers, as well as some entire schools.


  • Diverse learning forms begin to replace school just as the old-model of content–>curriculum–>data–>personalized academic learning is honed to perfection.


  • Schools will now be outnumbered, no longer just complemented by eLearning, combined learning, and self-directed learning policies, but fascinating learning simulations virtual universes.


  • A new form of certificates of achievement that are and self-selected, social, and portfolio-based will start to replace institutional certificates, including university degrees.






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